Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiny Tulip

Hi! Today's post is a wish list from my new favorite online boutique and a little update on my Clara.  I'm on the hunt for the cutest girl's backpack because my mid kid is going to start attending MMO (mother's morning out) at our sweet little preschool. My husband and I are still in shock that she is old enough to attend this program. She seems like a baby, she's petite but tough, says only a few words that are understandable to anyone other than me and my husband, and seems to have a fear of listening and doing the right thing. Oh, did I mention that she has the worst manners EVER. She's so dainty when she dresses up or plays and has the highest, sweetest little voice in the entire world but when this girl is ready to eat, WATCH OUT. She slurps chicken, and chews with her mouth open, it's disgusting. I wouldn't have noticed this if my oldest didn't have the best manners. He's chewed with his mouth closed since he was 1 and when he attended MMO his teachers said he was their neatest eater. Not my Clara. She's going to have the same teachers my oldest had but it's going to be a completely different experience for us. She's wild, stubborn and can be quite the bully. I'm worried that we are going to have an incident report every week. I'm sure she'll pull hair, throw cars, and scream if anyone decides to touch her. 
We have to try to camouflage her spunk by dressing her super cute and giving her the sweetest little accessories, like a super cute back pack. Here is my wish list from Tiny Tulip Boutique:

I cannot seem to save the images in order to post them but check out this site, I promise you will find something for you or that perfect monogrammed gift.

I must sign out now, I have an early tennis clinic in the morning!