Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clara Strikes Again

Hi! I created this blog to write about paper and my love for a well written pretty note. Here I am again talking about Clara. This child gives me so much material to write about I cannot possibly write about anything else. Big brother refers to her as "the girl", today he says "the girl is up" (from her nap), then we hear loud screaming and crying as if she were in pain so we both run in her room and she's naked stuck between the crib and the wall and struggling for dear life. I have no idea how she climbed out of the crib on the side that was pushed against the wall but she managed to and had to take all of her clothes and diaper off before she did it. This girl is going to keep me on my toes, I cannot leave her alone for a minute. 

Last night I attempted to bathe all three kids by myself (in our master bath) and I had the baby bathed and in the crib in my room, Clara was bathed and in her jammies, and as  I was drying the oldest, I hear my husband yell "NOOOO", so I jumped up and he grabbed Clara out of the baby's crib. What was she doing? Obviously,  she was shoving her toothbrush down his throat and guess what? He DID NOT LIKE IT. He was gagging and crying. My main job used to be keeping the kids fed, clean and happy. My only job now is to keep baby Sam alive. 

This is Clara and Sam after the incident in big brother Vincent's chair. Clara's pajama's are on backwards, it's the only way to guarantee she'll keep them on. 
Today's outfit.
She's one of a kind and my life would be too easy and boring if I didn't have her. My middle, the one I always wanted. 

Now, on to bigger and sometimes better, my oldest, I adore him. He watches Clara act up and then he hugs me and says "I didn't do that did I mommy?" He's smart. He's clever. He's a kiss up. He thinks of 100 reasons why he cannot go to bed yet...he didn't hug me, he didn't kiss me, he didn't kiss Sam, he's hungry, he's thirsty, he forgot to tell me he loves me, he forgot our plans for tomorrow. He thinks I'm a sucker. He likes to wake up at 5 am. He wakes me up at 5 am by standing in my face until I acknowledge him. True to his sweet nature he asked me if I was waiting for him to come hug me...5 am. God bless him.

 Clara, Sam, Vincent and cousin Shaman. I love these babies!!