Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Baaack!

I've been soooooo busy lately with all the holidays and the kids school. Plus, my husband and I just started watching Mad Men on ON Demand and we are hooked. If you have not ever watched that show, you must stop what you're doing right now and watch. It's excellent!

I haven't really been up to to much, just the day to day routines mixed in with a little shopping and the occasional night out. The kids are great, no 911 calls, although we have had 2 recent choking incidents but, thankfully, everything is fine and no one turned blue.

I'm so excited about Christmas and the sweet program at school and I cannot wait to have these little guys at home, no schedules and we can bake yummy treats and just play for 2 weeks!! Now I know after the first 2 days home, I might be pulling my hair out and wishing for that 3 hour break I get when they're out but we'll have fun and I'll remind myself (several times) that this time is so short and in a few years I'll long for them to be home with me.

Clara has been pretty good, the only issue we have with her is sitting on baby Sam. He's crawling now and she thinks he's something to catch and sit on. The other day she sat on his belly and just kept hitting him in the face. I heard him crying and thought "oh, he's fine", I walked in and found her beating him. Vincent is really into Hanukkah and wants a dreidel,we are not Jewish but one of my Jewish friends bought him a dreidel for Christmas. :) 
Baby Sam is perfect, I could have 2 more just like him!

Oh, and the perfect gift for your babysitter, friend or sister is the monogrammed candle by Whitney English. The smell is heavenly and fills the entire room without even lighting it!!
Here is the link:

I'll be back soon!