Monday, July 5, 2010

Post 4th

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We had a blast, we were at my mother in law's beach condo. The day was beautiful plus it was my daughter's first time on the beach since last summer!! We never take her because she is 19 months and all mother's of 19 month olds know why we never take her. To our surprise, she was an angel. Thankfully she was afraid of the ocean, so we made sand castle's all day. She's usually the daredevil and jumps right into the pool without fear so I was relieved that she wanted to play in the mud. We left our sweet little 3 month old in the condo with Nini (grandma) and my husband and 4 year old son played in the ocean. They were so cute riding the waves. Today was a nice relaxing day, I cleaned, did laundry and then we settled in for a late afternoon movie with the sprouts. Here are a couple of pics of the sprouts on the beach, might be blurry as they were shot with my phone. Enjoy! 
                                         He loves to pose for the camera!

                                        She refused to look at me, so serious about sandcastles.
I almost forgot to add a picture of my favorite notes today:

Go Gators!