Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just a Note To Say...

I hate Netflix. Yep, I said HATE. The very word I try not to use around my kids. I HATE NETFLIX. I'm sorry if you love it or this offends you. I'm not happy with them and I don't know why I tried them out again even for the free trial. It's a gimmick. I can use On Demand and have the same movies without having to wait for the mail or predict what I want to watch by loading up my queue. I decided to try Netflix again because of my new passion for GLEE!! Well, wouldn't you know they left me hanging, the DVD's I need will not be available until September!!!! I thought I would rent them instead of watching them on HULU but really, what's the difference? Oh Glee, I'm hooked on you and I don't know what I'm going to do until I can see you again...will Shu and Ms. Pilsbury get together? Will Rachel become humble? What will happen with Finn and Quinn???!! Ahhhh!

On a sweeter note, my little 4 year old drew a picture of our beloved late Papa. My father in law (greatest man ever) passed away last year and while we try to keep his memory alive daily, sometimes we slide. My sweet 4 year old drew a picture of him today, completely out of the blue and two days ago, after dinner, he told us if we close our eyes we can talk to him and tell him about our day. I wrapped him up in a big hug and made a mental note to talk about Papa every day. His spirit is around us.

No stationery posts today, good night.