Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paper Concierge Party and Glee!

I had my first show Tuesday and it was great! I'm lucky I have such good friends who support me and ordered way more than I expected. It helps that our stuff is super cute, heehee.
I absolutely adore my sweet friends, I deeply appreciate that they took time out of their day to come to my party but here's a tip, if you want to host a "Coffee and Cupcakes" party, don't invite your skinny friends. No one ate a cupcake, apparently they are on a food strike these days and were interested in coffee and water. My children are grateful and have devoured the cupcakes after lunch every day. Well, my daughter enjoyed them, my son takes 2 bites of the icing and is done, Clara will eat all day if I don't hide the food. Oh, and she appears to lack manners. She chews with her mouth open and slurps everything, including chicken. My oldest has always been a neat eater and chews with his mouth closed.  

I have to mention my new obsession: GLEE!! This show makes me happy. I love it more than I love Sex and The City. It's my favorite thing since the movie Center Stage. I seem to have a sick obsession with high school programs, don't know why but I love Gossip Girl and now I love Glee. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. If you haven't seen it, you must rent it now. It's incredible. Better than I thought it would be which is why I'm now just discovering it. I promise you (the 2 readers out there) will love it. 

Let me show you a few of the items my friends ordered

Boatman Gellar Pink Stripe Plate

Sibling enclosure cards

Super cute...right? Love these two items and I'll post something I ordered as a wedding gift for a family friend as soon as I receive it.
Have a good night!